Scam Alert!

PSA for doll collectors

Jenjoy's All Dolled Up Page

Just a quick post to let you know some images from this site have been stolen and are being listed for sale using my name.

Do not buy from 365online. The dolls listed as being sold by Jenjoy are a scam. They are my images but the dolls are not for sale.

So far I only know of Peggy dolls being listed, but there’s probably more. Thanks to the wonderful Martha for alerting me.

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In Defence of Doll Collectors

I felt exactly the same, and I am also childless.

Jenjoy's All Dolled Up Page

Do you openly admit to being a doll collector? And if you do, do people look at you strangely? Do they think it’s weird, or worse creepy? When I first began collecting, I didn’t make it public knowledge. It was the early 90s and collector issue dolls were still in their infancy. I knew that collecting vintage dolls, including Barbie and other fashion dolls, was probably a ‘real’ hobby, but I had trouble justifying – mostly to myself – my urge to buy play line dolls. Was that a bit weird? A grown woman buying Barbie dolls? But I saw the new Stacie doll, Barbie’s newest sister and the re-release of a doll called Midge and decided that they perhaps were worthy of being collected. But I still wasn’t completely comfortable with it. A friend who knew about my new interest bought me some Barbie themed items for my birthday…

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Marty Abrams Mego Figures

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I thought youwould all appreciate this reblog of a post by Jenjoy’s All Dolled Up Page.

Jenjoy's All Dolled Up Page

When I saw these Mego figures at Toyworld over a year ago, they really hit my nostalgia nerve and my first thought was, ‘I have to have one’.  However, they only had three, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Bruce Lee and they were $30 each.  I toyed with getting Bruce Lee – I love Kung Fu movies – but Bruce isn’t one of my favourite actors and there was that price tag, so I ended up walking away.  Then, earlier this year, I discovered that Big W were also selling them and not only did they have Bruce, but Star Trek Uhura too.  They were slightly cheaper at $25 and this time my nostalgia nerve won and I bought both.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Spock or Captain Kirk figures that went with Uhura, but I later found Kirk at a Toyworld.  I’m still on the search for Spock (pun intended).

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Removing blushing from BJDs

I have a Fancyboots Liebchen that I bought from her original owner back in 2007, that I decided to clean and restring in early 2009, and then due to emigrating back to Australia etc. the project stalled. I initially hoped to leave some of the original blushing, but after watching Nicolle’s Dreams excellent tutorial on removing face-ups here, I realised that to remove the brown or shiny spots from her body it would all have to go. So this evening I dilligently removed the blushing from a doll’s bits and belly button!

Ren modelling

Ren modelling by redcountess
Ren modelling, a photo by redcountess on Flickr.

Avoiding tension

I have never bothered with checking my tension before knitting anything, which is probably why a lot of the jumpers I have made have been on the roomy side (which I like anyway), but I’m about to break with tradition and knit a tension square for my next project, a doll outfit in 3 ply from a vintage pattern, as I really want it to sit properly.

Do y’all check your tension before knitting from a pattern? And if so, do you keep your squares and what do you make with them?

Crochet afghan rug


Originally uploaded by redcountess

I finally completed something! I actually started this rug about 11 years ago to take to the footie (Aussie Rules) with me, but it went into stasis soon after. I recently decided to finish the rug as we had been given several balls of navy yarn from a friend, and our cat Tabs would sit on it while I was working, or when I’d leave it on the sofa. So I had to give it to him 🙂

Crochet hook wormholes

I’ve managed to lose not one, but two 3.5mm crochet hooks, the second belonged to my housemate! So I need to buy a couple, as well as a pair of 4mm knitting needles for the Oxfam maternal mortality blanket as I only have a hybrid pair (one bamboo pin the other plastic) and I’m having difficulties with it!

Also on the shopping list, white and pink crochet cotton in 10 so I can make this doll outfit 🙂