Removing blushing from BJDs

I have a Fancyboots Liebchen that I bought from her original owner back in 2007, that I decided to clean and restring in early 2009, and then due to emigrating back to Australia etc. the project stalled. I initially hoped to leave some of the original blushing, but after watching Nicolle’s Dreams excellent tutorial on removing face-ups here, I realised that to remove the brown or shiny spots from her body it would all have to go. So this evening I dilligently removed the blushing from a doll’s bits and belly button!

Ren modelling

Ren modelling by redcountess
Ren modelling, a photo by redcountess on Flickr.

Avoiding tension

I have never bothered with checking my tension before knitting anything, which is probably why a lot of the jumpers I have made have been on the roomy side (which I like anyway), but I’m about to break with tradition and knit a tension square for my next project, a doll outfit in 3 ply from a vintage pattern, as I really want it to sit properly.

Do y’all check your tension before knitting from a pattern? And if so, do you keep your squares and what do you make with them?

Crochet afghan rug


Originally uploaded by redcountess

I finally completed something! I actually started this rug about 11 years ago to take to the footie (Aussie Rules) with me, but it went into stasis soon after. I recently decided to finish the rug as we had been given several balls of navy yarn from a friend, and our cat Tabs would sit on it while I was working, or when I’d leave it on the sofa. So I had to give it to him 🙂

Crochet hook wormholes

I’ve managed to lose not one, but two 3.5mm crochet hooks, the second belonged to my housemate! So I need to buy a couple, as well as a pair of 4mm knitting needles for the Oxfam maternal mortality blanket as I only have a hybrid pair (one bamboo pin the other plastic) and I’m having difficulties with it!

Also on the shopping list, white and pink crochet cotton in 10 so I can make this doll outfit 🙂